Plan Your Party

Ready to plan your party now?

If you know how this works, just RSVP to set your party date and time. We are incredibly responsive to your requests and will contact you soon.

I’m not sure how to plan my party. How do I get started?

Pick a date and time on our RSVP form below and we will do the rest. We will provide all of the supplies like paints, canvases, aprons, brushes including tables and chairs if needed, for up to eight additional people. No experience necessary and no worry of clean-up afterwards.

Give us a call at 702-403-8169, RSVP below, or send us an email to book your date and time and we will get back to you shortly.

You can also RSVP when you pick your painting from our gallery or when you create your own painting.

What is the minimum party size?

We do not have a minimum party size for our house parties. We will create a custom link to your party on our website for easy purchase.

We do ask that you provide us with a count of those attending the house party so we can ensure that we bring the necessary materials for everyone.

Although we will bring a few extra supplies for party-goers who show day-of, we can only guarantee supplies to those who have purchased through the website.

For parties of more than 20, refundable-deposit is required by host for those who are not paying in advance.

We also do one-on-one sessions for those looking to practice their skills at a per-hour rate and may range depending on difficulty level of painting.

What makes us different?

We have selectively partnered with wonderful brands to bring the party vibe to your house or favorite hot-spot like no one before us.

Whether that means you are participating in one of our drinking games while you paint or have decided to host a “smoke and paint” party at your house, it’s up to you!

Does Party Brush provide alcohol?

Our house parties are bring your own drink. Bring your own beer, liquor, non-alcoholic drink, or vice and enjoy yourself. We are here to have fun! At our event parties alcohol will be provided by the hosting establishment, where available.

It’s my baby shower, do you have any special offers?

We offer special packages for our hosts for any occasion where you are looking to treat yourself or truly WOW your guests!

We have partnered with photographers, videographers, various hot-spots, food trucks and catering companies to bring the complete party to you! Just let us know what you are looking for and give us the chance to blow your mind!


Click the link above or visit our home page to see our next upcoming event or our event page to see what we have planned for the rest of the month.

Details of the event will be listed on the page and the check-out process makes purchasing tickets easy, so bring your friends.

How can I make payment?

We accept credit card and PayPal online and cash and credit card with a Visa, MasterCard, etc in person.

What can I expect at these events?

We host one-of-a-kind events with local hot-spots in Las Vegas with a different theme, menu, and service catered for you.

Please give us a call if you are running late so we don’t start without you and we ask to please not be more than fifteen minutes late or we will have to start without you.

How long do these events take?

Events typically take 2-3 hours and vary by location.

What is the age range of the event?

Age range varies by location as events may serve alcohol and children under 18 may be required to be accompanied by an adult.

These details will be outlined on the event page including contact info for the location of the event and for Party Brush to answer any questions you may have.

I have never painted before / It has been a really long time!

No experience necessary and you do not need to be an artistic person to paint. Your Party Brush instructor will guide you step-by-step and will provide individual attention to you as needed!

We take breaks to answer any questions our party-goers may have and for restroom/food breaks.

The most important thing is to have a good time and don’t beat yourself up! Art is created through mistakes and many mistakes turn into beautiful works of art!

Was there something we missed or do you have more questions?

Give us a call at 702-403-8169, RSVP below, or send us an email to book your date and time and we will get back to you shortly.

If your ready to party now, RSVP below. Date and time subject to availability.